No sooner said than done!

I carry out modernization work for busy people.

Who has time to look after everything for a full building refurbishment these days? Detailed negotiations with specialists from various crafts about the work you need to be done, the prices and the timing? And what happens if even one specialist can’t meet their deadlines? All subsequent deadlines end up being postponed indefinitely... Get in touch with us – with N.T. Ausbau & Umbau you will have:

  • One contact
  • One order
  • One invoice
  • One completion date

Both, an initial consultation meeting on location as well as an initial cost approximation of contemplated investments are free of charge.

Designing and planning

We can give your home a new face!

Often, even small changes to a property can have a huge effect.

Nevertheless, sometimes a building needs a complete refurbishment down to its very fabric. We will be happy to reveal your property’s potential and draw up a non-binding quotation showing you what it would cost to have the work carried out by our N.T. Ausbau & Umbau craftsmen.

Naturally, we will also take this opportunity to advise you of any possible state funding, e.g. if the refurbishment will lead to energy savings.

Professional modernisation work from a single source

If you accept our offer, the modernization work will be carried out by specialized craftsmen of the N.T. Ausbau & Umbau Team.

We will draw up all the plans that are required and provide support until the project is completed. You will only ever have one direct contact at N.T. Ausbau & Umbau. We will also coordinate the work of the various different trades and ensure that your project is completed on time.

All modernisation work must return the best result possible for the amount you are planning to spend. N.T. Ausbau & Umbau offers the right solution for every budget.

Bathrooms and plumbing

Do you have specific ideas for your new bathroom or toilet?

Or would you like us to offer you some inspiration in planning your modernisation? In either case, we will be happy to advise you on your Options.

Depending on the conditions in your property, we can offer various design suggestions for your bathroom and tell you what it would cost for N.T. Ausbau & Umbau to carry out the work. If our offer appeals to you, we will be happy to draw up a detailed plan for your bathroom. The work will be carried out under the supervision of our experienced master plumbers.

A bathroom involves specialists of all kinds working together in a small space. The N.T. Ausbau & Umbau team is used to these situations, so you can be sure that we will finish your dream bathroom without any delays. At our company, everyone is in the same boat.

Our specific services include:

  • Design and planning
  • exclusive tiles and fittings (washbasin, bathtub, toilet etc.) with the best value for your money
  • all work carried out by the N.T. Ausbau & Umbau team
Painting work

Would you like a creative wall design, or even just new woodchip wallpaper?

N.T. Ausbau & Umbau can turn your walls into a real aesthetic highlight, create subtle impressions with its design techniques, and turn old doors into beautiful gems.

Our services include:

  • Modern paint and design advice
  • Painting and papering for all types of walls
  • Decorative stucco design
  • Efficient thermal insulation systems
  • Refurbishment and façade coating for old buildings
Floor coverings and tiles

Laying parquet and laminate flooring, carpets and tiles requires both aesthetic design and skilled craftsmanship.

Which tile pattern captures my taste? Which parquet wood matches my furniture best? Which skirting board offers the best transition between floor and wall? We will be happy to help you answer these questions..

Our services include:

  • Parquet floors and wooden floorboards of all kinds
  • Restoration and renovation of existing floors
  • Ceramic, stoneware and terracotta tiles
  • Wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Modern laminate and linoleum flooring
  • Staircases and halls
  • Design coverings
Windows and doors

Installation of windows, doors and roof elements.

Windows, doors and dormer windows give your house its face.

They also affect the light that comes into your rooms and the amount of energy the house consumes. A small replacement or targeted modernisation in the right place can lead to noticeable energy savings.

Our services include:

  • Wooden and plastic windows with double and triple glazing and various chamber profiles
  • Shutters (manual/electrical), anti-theft protection, fly screens, noise insulation etc.
  • Blinds, awnings and sun protection
  • Attic extensions, including dormer windows and skylights
  • House, flat, room and patio doors with wood and plastic coatings, glass doors, sliding doors, cassette profiles etc.
  • Efficient heat insulation on windows, doors, suspended ceilings, roofs and façades

Create the climate you feel at home in!